Three small cups arranged in a triangle, styles with a white embroidered napkin, dried orange slices, and a bottle of schmancy Italian digestiv
Icy blue glazed dish shown on a warm wood surface styled with dried rose petals, cinnamon sticks, and dried mugwort
Icy blue bowl with the speckles of the clay coming through the glaze, styles on old books with cinnamon sticks and dried rose petals and mugwort
Landscape painting full of pastel pinks, blues, and yellow in the background and water with darker, moodier maroons and purples in the foreground

Thank you for stopping in and checking out the wares! Beautiful objects make daily life sweeter and that’s what I hope my art does for you. There’s nothing like using a vessel that makes you happy, every day.

Please take a look around and stay awhile. If there isn’t anything in the shop then stay tuned for an update! You can follow me on Instagram for the latest news (@sweettarnation). You’ll see posts of new pieces as well as in-progress stuff. That’s the best way to stay informed on what I’m doing. During the sunny part of the year you’ll see me out in the Bay Area doing pop-ups and in-person events. Seeing and talking to folks face-to-face is a big perk of making stuff, so please come by if you can! Not only do we get to chat about ceramics, but seeing pottery and being able to hold the vessels before buying is such a joy. You get a sense of which ones call to you and feel right in your hands.

Every ceramic piece is hand-formed from clay, fired for the first time as greenware, which then becomes bisque. Next comes glazing and then it’s fired again for the final time. Each piece takes weeks of work and so much care to make it colorful and unique. No two pieces are exactly alike. Every vessel has been shaped and glazed thoughtfully, all by hand. When you use a Sweet Tarnation vessel you know that a maker’s consideration and love went into every step, that every aspect of it has been done purposefully.

These vessels are intentionally make without handles for versatility. Being able to use them for anything and everything you can dream up is important, and, while handles can be extremely useful, the ambiguous nature of a tumbler without a handle feels relevant for every day life. There are many makers out there creating mugs with handles and they are incredible at what they do! My goal is to make vessels that leave the imagination open to a wider range of uses, giving you every opportunity to have ceramics in your every day moments. Using these vessels for food is always an option (and a wonderful one, food is the best), just keep in mind they’re great for other things too! They hold smaller stuff, keeping your rings and doo dads together, and are great fire-safe surfaces for candles and incense. Furry friends love eating out of them too!

I strive to make items that make people smile every time they use them. You are looking at a labor of art and love and I can’t thank you enough for your interest in what I do. It really means everything to know that folks appreciate your efforts and want to enjoy your hard work each day by using these beauties. And they are meant to be used! They’ll withstand the dishwasher and the microwave, though direct heat can harm them. If you treat them lovingly, they can be passed down as heirlooms, giving joy for generations.